Management Packages

Managing a vacation home is like running a mini-business

Managing a vacation home is not as easy than most people think. Just a check-in or check-out, that's easy, right? That's true, but there's so much more to it.

Daily bookings need to be kept track of, and after a booking, the rental agreement needs to be sent, and it must be ensured that the booking, along with the security deposit, is paid. This may not be the most difficult task, but it is labor-intensive. People expect immediate responses to their bookings, and they prefer to have their questions answered promptly as well. In practice, it has been found that if a response or answer is not provided within 24 hours, the customer may walk away, resulting in lost income.

Therefore, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I manage the vacation home alongside my job, taking into account factors like distance (living in the Netherlands) or my family life?
  • Can I provide the guests with satisfactory service from my position?
  • What if guests encounter problems? Can I assist them remotely?
  • What if there are emergencies such as a leak?
  • Can I arrange for repairs to be carried out from a distance?
  • How do I ensure that the house is properly cleaned for new guests?
  • Who will welcome my guests and make them feel at home?
  • How do I monitor the maintenance of facilities such as air conditioning, pool, sauna, and/or jacuzzi?
  • How do I check if the garden is well-maintained?
  • And so on.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could be completely relieved of all these hassles and have someone living nearby who can keep an eye on your property 24/7 and do everything possible to provide your guests with an unforgettable vacation while you sit back with a drink?

To cater to your needs and provide as much support as possible, we have put together various management packages for you.

Management Package 1

ANG 150,- per month and

10% of bookings

excl. VAT


  The tasks included in this package are:

  - Check in

  - Check out

  - Pre-arrival communication with

    guests using booking lists provided

    by the owner

  - Grocery or preparing other requested

     amenities for guests

Management Package 3

in assocation with NOOM

20% of bookings

excl. VAT

  The tasks included in this package are:

   - All tasks from Package 2

   - Creating advertisements

   - Handling all communication and

     administrative tasks related to bookings


Management Package 2

ANG 250,- per month, per house and

10% of bookings

excl. VAT and

Final Cleaning Costs

(on basis of m2 of the house)

  The tasks included in this package are:

  - All tasks from Package 1 

  - Periodic cleaning

  - Weekly checks during vacancy

  - Availability for owner and guests

  - Being the point of contact for guests

  - Supervising pool and garden


Management Package 4

Management without rental

ANG 250,-per month

excl. VAT

  The tasks included in this package are:

  - Availability for owner

  - Weekly checks during vacancy,

    including sanitary facilities, utility

    meter readings, etc.

  - Control letterbox

  - Checking water damage/leakage

If you are interested in any of our management packages, please request detailed information and a comprehensive quote through the 'Contact Form.'