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The Most Beautiful Beaches


As nature's playground for sea turtles and dolphins, Curaçao is also known for its turquoise seas, tropical reefs and spectacular views. Soak up the sun on one of the “Best Beaches on Earth”, swim and kayak in the calm, crystal clear waters, or let your inner beachcomber run wild as you sink your feet into the soft white sand. There are 37 beaches in total, the most famous beaches are briefly explained below.


Klein Curaçao is part of Curaçao. The small uninhabited bare rock island is located about 10 kilometers off the coast of Curaçao and has an area of ​​1.7 m², which serves as a breeding ground for the American pygmy tern, the hawksbill turtle and the green turtle.


On the island are the ruins of two lighthouses, a quarantine building and a number of fishing huts. There are also a number of graves on the northwest coast and in the south and there are two freshwater wells.

The waters around Klein Curaçao are fringed with powdery fine sand and offer good diving and snorkeling opportunities, where sea turtles, dolphins and other marine life can be seen in the crystal clear waters. A boat trip to the island takes about two hours each way.

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Port Marie 2

Playa Porto Marie is a busy tourist beach in Bandabou, located near the town of Sint Willibrordus. The beach is located on the Porto Marie Bay. The blue sea has a smooth sandy bottom.

Playa Porto Marie also has a covered picnic area, beach umbrellas, chair rentals, and a great Caribbean oceanfront restaurant with spectacular views. If you are lucky, you may even spot wild pigs sunbathing or playing in the water on the beach. Everything needed to make a day of it is waiting for you.

It is the largest beach on the island, with calm, clear waters, soft white sand and shady palms. It is located at the fishing village of Sint-Michiel, northwest of Willemstad. The beach is named after the Blaauw plantation that was located nearby.

It is ideal for snorkelling, diving and kayaking or just relaxing with a tropical drink. A golf course, hockey field and the Blue Bay sculpture garden are located nearby.

When you arrive at the Blue Bay resort, indicate to security that you are coming for the beach. You will then be asked for your ID (driving license is sufficient).The beach is not free, a single ticket is +/- ANG 15, including use of a lounger, but you can also buy a pass for 10 times access, which is cheaper.

Blue Bay2

This little piece of heaven is one of the best places to have a good time! Kokomo is home to a beautiful seacoast where new things are always happening. You won't be able to resist dancing your bare feet in the sand as live music sessions take place over the weekend. The restaurant will also amaze you with its fresh and delicious menus after a walk on one of the paths around the beach. As the sun sets into the ocean, take a swing across the crystal clear waters to take in the splendor of this scenic beach.

For the use of a beach bed you have to pay +/- ANG 7,-. There will also be a stretch of dirt road before you get to the beach, so drive carefully.

Large parties are regularly organized on Kokomo Beach with various well-known artists and DJs, such as Guus Meeuwis, Direct and Martin Garris. Every month the 'Full Moon' party takes place, which is known as one of the best parties in the Caribbean.


Piscadera bay has a narrow beach and a passage to a lagoon. It is loved by many divers as it is home to more than 400 species of fish. Piscadera has a shallow plateau with a hard surface on which hard and soft corals grow. Black coral occurs in some places. The coral density is not very high, the wort interrupted by ridges and sand channels. A drop-off starts at a depth of 6 meters and descends to a depth of 40 meters. In places the reef mitten can be very steep and overhang.

Pirate Bay

Jan Thiel is a very touristy beach with many holiday resorts nearby. The beach is accessible for a fee and only for guests of the surrounding resorts, the beach is accessible for free.The beach has been built by the nearby resorts, it is the only beach on Curaçao that has been built to a large extent. It consists largely of a huge concrete basin in the sea with ocher-coloured fine sand that is almost entirely free of pebbles and shells. The stretches of beach next to the concrete basin consist of sprayed sand.

It is quite luxuriously furnished and mainly aimed at the wealthier tourist. Almost all conceivable beach facilities are available. Things are regularly organized, such as beach tennis and flyboarding, and there is entertainment in the evenings. In the middle of the beach is a large restaurant with a beach bar.

Although this beach is known for its gastronomy and a wide variety of cocktails, it is also a great place for the whole family and sports enthusiasts. There is a great reef to explore while snorkeling.

Jan Thiel

This is a very touristy beach with calm, shallow waters protected by a carefully placed breakwater. This makes the swimming conditions here ideal, especially for children. The white sand and majestic palm trees for shade complete the picture. Sea Aquarium Beach, also known as Mambo Beach, offers boutique shopping, chair and umbrella rentals, and a water sports center. The various bars and restaurants offer refreshments and other facilities and make it easy to spend a whole day here without leaving the beach. There is also a party with DJs every evening at Mambo Beach.


One of the most photogenic beaches in Curaçao can be found in a hidden small bay. The pristine beach with a fantastic view is surrounded by tall rock formations. With fishing boats resting on the shore, Playa Lagun becomes a true and charming beauty. The stunning underwater world will also not disappoint with its crystal-clear water. Grab your gear and snorkel along the rocks in the water. If you're lucky, you may also spot some sea turtles. The local snackbar is only open during the weekends.

Lagun 2

Kleine Knip is less touristy than other beaches and is free to access. Like Grote Knip, Kleine Knip is nestled between steep rocks as a cove. The beach consists mainly of white and very fine sand and is in many places separated from the sea by a narrow strip of pieces of coral washed ashore. The calm blue water is favorable for snorkelers, especially on either side of the rocks, where fish are abundant.

Parking is available near the beach, leading directly onto the sand. There are relatively few facilities, so bring your own food and drinks; sit back and enjoy the sunset. There is a small restaurant on the beach, and several benches with sunshades are scattered around. The trees provide pleasant shade. During the hottest part of the day, an ice cream truck often passes by.

During the week, the beach is usually quiet, but on weekends, Kleine Knip is a favorite spot for local families to play, swim, and BBQ.

Kleine Knip

Grote Knip is also known as Playa Abou by the local population (beach in a valley) and is one of the most famous beaches. Like Kleine Knip, Grote Knip is nestled as a cove between steep rocks.

The beach, with its breathtakingly beautiful views and spectacular sunsets, consists mainly of white, very fine sand and is in certain places separated from the sea by a narrow strip of pieces of coral washed ashore. The calm turquoise blue water is favorable for snorkelers, especially on either side of the rocks, where fish are abundant.

Playa Kenepa is a favorite among both locals and tourists, but it rarely feels overcrowded because it is so extensive. Families love the beach because children can safely play in the water.

Grote Knip2


Playa Cas Abao (Bon Bini Beach) is the location where the movie Bon Bini Beach was filmed. The beach features fine white sand, crystal-clear shallow water, swaying palm trees, and tropical reefs. A floating platform for sunbathing and playing is anchored near the shore, and an exciting range of water sports is available. It is less suitable for snorkeling because there is no coral and therefore few fish swimming around.

It is the perfect setting to relax with a seaside massage, then chill at a bar, or dine at a restaurant.

Cas Abou

This coveted beach is known by the local population for its perfect fishing environment and by tourists for the presence of turtles. This small beach is a beautiful spot for snorkeling with turtles in their natural habitat among the colorful wooden fishing boats. You can also enjoy the natural beauty of this coast from a pier, where you can witness fishermen gathering to clean their catch of the day directly on the shore.