I am Dushi

Who is Dushi Holidays

My name is Mireille Keijzer and  I moved to Curaçao in 2021. In the Netherlands I worked in social insurance and I knew that by emigrating to Curaçao I had to make a career switch. By being open to various possibilities and having an open mind, I came into contact with management activities.

Soon I managed the first house, but of course I did not yet have enough income from it. I therefore looked for a full-time job and expanded the management activities during this job. For a while I was able to combine this, but after expanding the houses, it soon became apparent that the activities were difficult to combine. That is why I took the leap of faith and started to fully focus on the management activities.

I consider it a special privilege to be the manager and confidant for the home owners. It's not nothing to hand over your house and have it managed by someone you don't know very well. I therefore do everything I can to provide the owners with the best possible service by, among other things, ensuring that the guests have an unforgettable holiday stay!